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This is going to be fun. I’ll be hosting the first ever “Gamer Gamers vs. Gamers of All Sizes” tournament on Berlin. This will be a competition between the gamer who has a gaming pc, and whoever can get their friends to play games with them. So, who’s ready?

What is a Gamer Gamers vs. Gamers of All Sizes?

The idea of this competition is to see who is the best in their niche, and in an environment where people are more than happy to talk about games and talk about tactics. There are many reasons you’d want to play a specific game and many different types of gamers. You want someone to talk to you about the game, you don’t want to play the game and you want to talk to others who can talk to you about the game. So, you have people from all different backgrounds, interests, andgaming level. For example, a pub games player is a person who loves playing games in his free time, but is also open to discussing other games and strategies. A competitive eater is someone who loves to eat a variety of foods, but is also good at analyzing his own food choices, and finding new dishes to try out!

The Games

The games are very similar in the concept and play style. You’ll find many of them on other platforms, so you don’t have to take the time to learn the differences. Honestly, the only thing that’s different is the game itself. The other main difference is in the networking. The normal distribution of people in a room is not the same as the elite-like distribution you get in real life. When you meet other gamers, they will probably be more welcoming and open to new friends. This is because they are building a community.

The Teams

The teams are made up of players from all walks of life. They may range from the average person who knows the games, to the professional gamers who play them regularly. It’s important to know the types of people you’re playing against, and who you’re playing for. To find a good team, you need to know the members of the team, their passions, and what they do for a living. Then you have to find out what games they play, and see if you can get along well.

The Format

This is the most important aspect of any multiplayer gaming event, and the one most people don’t think about. The format. The format is what makes a multiplayer game different. It’s the difference between having a single-player campaign, or a campaign with multiple different types of games. A single-player campaign has only the main story, and there’s usually no variety in the game’s content. An online multiplayer game is endless, with new and interesting games being added all the time.

Reminders and Rules

These are the key things to remember while hosting aGamer Gamers vs. Gamers of All Sizes event. – Have fun. Having a good time is the most important thing you can do. If you’re nervous or stressed out because you know you’re going to have a lot of fun, you’ll have a harder time organizing the event. – Have a plan. You’re going to have friends over for dinner, take a walk around the neighborhood, take some photos, have a drink or two, and play games. Having a plan for all of it is critical. You don’t want to end up with a group of strangers playing games with you. – Always prepare. In addition to the basics, you’ll need to plan ahead for maintenance and repairs. If you have to have your TV on, or your computer on, when you’re over, you won’t be able to enjoy the event. – Make friends. Not only are you going to get along better with other people, but you’re also going to have more fun. That’s the best part.


Before you create any signups, ask yourself this question. “Is this something I can do?”. Almost none of us have the time or energy to do everything we set out to do, no matter how hard we try. So, how do you make the most of this? The quick and easy answer is to sign up as many people as you can. This will allow you to claim your spot on the team, and receive invites to upcoming events. Even if you don’t attend any of the events, you’re still bound to meet other people who are interested in similar games and topics.


When events start, everyone is supposed to start by Announcement. This is where we officially start the event, and the rules and policies are announced. As soon as the rules are announced, everyone is supposed to start creating their character sheets. This is the moment where you get your turn, and you can start creating your character. It’s also the point where you get your suggestions for the day’s games, and your name is announced as one of the participating teams.

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