4 Facts About the UK Removals Industry

The removals industry in the UK has been active since before the introduction of the motor vehicle. In this article, we take a look at some of the factors that make the industry so enduring and resilient.

It Is Highly Distributed 

The home removals industry in the UK is highly distributed, with numerous small to medium-sized companies operating across the country. This distribution makes the industry resilient to economic changes and disruptions, as the companies are often regionally focused, with a loyal customer base. This means that if one region is affected by an economic downturn or natural disaster, the industry can still thrive in other areas. The distributed nature of the industry also allows for a range of pricing and service options, catering to a broad customer base with varying needs and budgets. Furthermore, the competition between companies drives innovation and efficiency, with each company striving to provide better services and technology to stay ahead of the competition. This dynamic helps to improve the industry’s overall performance, making it more resilient and adaptable to changing market conditions. 

It Has Been Market and Covid Resilient  

One of the most enduringly interesting facts about home removals in the UK relates to just how resilient the sector is. There have been several events in the last 20 years that should have made huge dents in the home removals industry. The 2008 financial crisis and subsequent housing industry complications should have hurt the home removals industry. The COVID-19 pandemic should have made a dent in the sector’s growth. Interestingly, neither of these events stopped the steady growth of the home removals industry, which has remained as stalwart as ever in the United Kingdom.

It Continues to Grow

According to recently published home removals industry statistics, the removals sector is continuing to experience steady growth. The industry has grown in value by around 2.3 percent on average between the years 2018 and 2023. This steady growth makes removals companies very tempting investments for people looking to take very few risks while reaping a relatively large reward.

It Has a Storied History

The home removals industry in the UK has a long and varied history. In the 17th and 18th centuries, most people relied on the services of porters and handymen to move their belongings. The first professional removal companies appeared in the 19th century, using horse-drawn carriages to transport furniture and goods. In the 20th century, the industry expanded rapidly with the introduction of motor vehicles and removal vans, making it easier and faster to move homes. The industry also underwent significant changes during World War II when many removal companies were nationalised to support the war effort. The British Association of Removers was formed in 1900 to standardise practices, labour rights and competition within the industry. The increased mobility of the British public and the constantly shifting waves of people coming in and out of cities has influenced the rise of the removals industry, and it looks set to continue.

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