5 Reasons why you should choose a black diamond over a traditional white diamond

Black diamonds, also known as ‘carbonados diamonds’. These diamonds are an excellent alternative to traditional diamonds. Black diamonds can give you a sophisticated look that will make heads turn wherever you go.

Black diamonds in necklaces have become a recent trend that is hard to overlook. These necklaces are beautiful and very elegant and can match any outfit. So if you are thinking of buying a diamond necklace, this article will tell you why you should opt for a black diamond.

Black diamonds are a class apart.

Black diamonds are not like your regular traditional white diamonds. As opposed to white diamonds, black diamonds have a carbon content of about 20% more than white ones. The excess carbon content gives the diamonds a deep grey hue, which makes black diamonds unique.

Further, black diamonds are also rarer, which adds to their distinctiveness. Only certain parts of Central Africa and Brazil with suitable conditions are where black diamonds can be found.

Black diamonds are more durable.

Diamonds are already known for durability and strength, but black diamonds are more durable than white diamonds. The extra durability of black diamonds is due to their high carbon content. The higher carbon content, which gives a black diamond a patterned structure, makes it less prone to chipping and scratching. So if you’re looking for a gem that will stay with you for a long time, a black diamond is worth considering and a good investment.

Black diamonds go well with both gold and silver.

The colour contrast that a black diamond brings when it is paired with gold or silver is beyond perfect. The thing with the colour black is that it can pair up easily with any other colour; the same stands true for black diamonds in necklaces as well. The beautiful and distinctive shine of the black diamond will add to the shine of your gold or silver jewellery and impress everyone around you.

Black diamonds are easier to clean.

One of the best reasons to choose black diamonds is because they are much easier to clean than other diamonds. Black diamonds have a natural protective coating that helps to keep them clean and free from dirt and grime. This means that you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning your black diamond jewellery, and it will stay shiny and look new for a longer period.

Black diamonds are in trend nowadays.

Many people have been opting for black diamonds in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Black diamonds have a unique look that can make a piece of jewellery stand out and have a bit of an edge, which can be pretty attractive. Its rarity adds to its beauty, making black diamonds even more appealing. Not everyone can own a black diamond, which is why it is one of the fiery trends today.

Being rare also makes a black diamond very expensive, but if you research and shop around, there are chances that a cheaper gem will be found.

If you’re looking for a black diamond necklace, ring or any other jewellery, extensive research needs to be done to know what to expect in terms of price and equality. Furthermore, many fake black diamonds are doing rounds in the market, so you should always opt for a trusted and verified jeweller. Happy shopping!

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