6 Things to Look for in a Removal Service

Melbourne is known for its affordable lifestyle, world-class education system, and leading healthcare and housing options. Therefore, more and more people are moving to the city, making it grow at an unprecedented scale. But moving from one city to another is not so simple. The move can get quite strenuous with so many things that need to be taken care of. It is, therefore, better to look up the best removalists in Melbourne. However, finding an efficient and reliable removalist can be challenging. So, if you want a seamless move, here are some things you need to consider:

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1. Reputation and Accreditations

With so many removalist services mushrooming in Melbourne, it could be challenging to begin your search. Hence, it is best to look for the reputation and accreditation of the companies to narrow down the search. So first, check how long the company has been in business and whether they can complete the job in time. Second, check whether the company is affiliated with reputed Australian organisations like AFRA or AIIMA. Third, look at the awards and accreditations won by these companies.

2. Recommendations

Getting recommendations from people who have previously taken removalist services can help you with the search. This way, you can learn about the scope of the services, the locations involved and other associated information regarding the company. You can also judge recommendations based on service ratings, reviews and client feedback. For that, you can look at company websites and different online forums.

3. Insurance policies

Moving your items from one place to the other involves the risk of damage. So, it is crucial to check whether the removalist service provides insurance or not. Meanwhile, three main policies offered by the removalists ensuring varying degrees of protection are:

  • Full value protection: This policy is expensive and offers maximum protection in case items need repair, loss, or replacement.
  • Limited Liability Protection: This insurance policy provides the least protection, and usually, all the removalists in Melbourne offer this for free.
  • Declared value protection: This policy lets you decide the items you need insurance for during the move and get compensation if they are damaged or lost.

4. Free Quotes

Melbourne has observed an influx of people from other Australian states and countries like the UK and the USA. So, if you are moving in from a different region, you must check the company’s reliability by asking them for estimates and free quotes.

You can get the quote by providing the removalist company with all the information about your load and property location through email or call. This way, you can get an estimate, decide on your budget and save yourself from falling prey to unreliable service providers. Meanwhile, you can expect costs between $400 and $1500 for a move based on your needs.

5. Team Strength

A company thrives on the expertise and skill of its team members, so the more employees a company has on contract, its services improve. Hence, be sure to choose the services of a company that has a team of skilled, trained and experienced removalists who can load/unload, transport and pack a wide variety of objects.

6. Cancellation, Rescheduling and Refund

You must inquire about the cancellation, rescheduling and refund policies if the move gets halted or delayed. If the removalist service company is reliable, it will provide a solution for preponing or postponing the move. In addition, you should also have clarity on refund and cancellation policies if you don’t want to keep the booking.

Planning a move is far more vital than the day of the move. So, you must review your dates and timeline to complete the packing by the scheduled time. Also, when you start planning early, you become better equipped for contingencies and ensure a stress-free move.

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