A Guide to the Amazon Echo Studio

The Amazon Echo Studio is a new kind of audio speaker that wraps you in studio quality audio in all directions. The studio lets you ask Alexa to play a particular song or genre and the device will do its best to deliver. You can also ask Alexa to do other things, such as check the weather, set alarms, and control compatible smart home devices. For a detailed guide on the Echo Studio, read on. This article will help you decide whether or not this speaker is right for you.

The Amazon Echo Studio’s biggest difference from the Echo Mini is its size. The new device is a bit more bulky, but is capable of stereo pairing. Using two units together can be a formidable setup, but it’s not impossible. The Echo Studio is also compatible with Amazon Music HD, which allows you to listen to music in the ultra-high definition format. In addition, the Echo Studio is compatible with Fire TV devices.

The Studio is equipped with three 2.0-inch mid-range drivers and a 1.0-inch tweeter. A 5.25-inch down-firing woofer is positioned directly above the bass aperture. A black plastic ring houses the mic array, along with small buttons for volume, mic mute, and Alexa. The black plastic ring also glows with the trademark Echo light. The upward-firing driver is protected by a fabric grille panel. A small recess under the rear bass port holds the connector for the included power adapter, a micro-USB port, and a 3.5mm optical and aux port.

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