Best Civilization to Fight the Turks With in Age of Empires 2

The Turks are one of the most flexible and powerful civilizations in the game, with an excellent balance between land and sea power. While they are weak in open maps, their military bonuses give them an edge over other civilizations at long range. A few key traits to look for in a good civilization are its speed and flexibility. Below is a list of key features for the Turks to consider.

First, a perfect foot soldier is key. This unit will protect your cannons from eagle warriors and suicidal hussars. Scouts are also the best units to fight the Turks’ archers. Their superior pierce armor makes them an extremely good option against archers and other archer civilizations. However, this doesn’t mean the Turks are a perfect civilization.

Next, you can use the artillery that the Ottoman have in Age 2. The Abus Guns are unique in that they are infantry, but have decent hitpoints and can be very useful. This can make your colony anti-rush. You can also train these units to defeat other civilizations in the game. In the end, the Ottoman will fall to the Europeans’ superiority in military tactics and oversea trade.

The Turkish are also a good choice if you’re looking for a closed map. Their artillery makes their gunpowder units 100% accurate against non-moving targets. And since they have ballistic effect, they’re good for making handcannoniers, BBCs, and jans. They’re also good at melee armor, though they’re a bit weak against cavalry.

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