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The biggest news of the year is already here. A massive scarcity of fast food has caused the world to collectively stand up and applaud with a loud, “thank you” before moving on to another thrilling adventure. So what do you do when your fast food obsession seems to be outshining your other ventures? YouDineOut! This list of the world’s best and most affordable fast food restaurants highlights some of the best spots in the city that serve up mouth-watering, hand-tossed burger patties created with love from fresh ingredients at fair-trade prices. From coast to coast, we’ve got some of our favorite options listed below:


The world’s first and most famous fast food restaurant, McDonald’s has been at the center of American culture since 1924. Since then, its name has been synonymous with delicious food and deliciousness has always been promised for those who asked. But there was one major difference this year: customers were demanding fresh, delicious, and low-cost ingredients. In countries all around the world, fast food restaurants are adapting to this demand. To meet the demand, McDonald’s has been breeding their burgers with premium ingredients — ingredients like buttermilk, ketchup, and relish. And what better way to go about it than with its signature Mc Donald’s Sandwich?

Carl’s Jr.

What’s better than getting your Mc Donald’s fix at Carl’s Jr. in SoCal? Getting your hands on one of its signature sandwiches. Even though Carl’s Jr. is located in a different city, its sandwiches are still more than matched for flavor by its competitors. The Carl’s Jr. Classic features fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup, and mustard, along with fresh fruit — a perfect introduction to the brand.

Yum Yum

This year’s best fast food spot is a low-key version of the popular fast food restaurant with red and white stripes. Plus, you can get your fix of yummy food while you wait for the next table to come in. In Seoul, you can get your fix of yummy food while waiting for your table to be served.


This popular American sandwich shop has been serving up mouth-watering food since 1958. But in South Korea, KFC is a household name since it is a part of the famous Bonk-Bonk marketing campaign. And the fried chicken sandwich is still one of the best selling dishes at KFC in South Korea.

This is what happens when you mix fresh ingredients and a low price per serving formula with a healthy amount of competition. These are the types of deals you want to pull off, and these are the deals you’re likely to pull off this year.

Cheeseburger Roundup

Is your favorite cheeseburger on the menu? The answer is no, they’re not on the menu anymore. But this is the season to get your cheeseburger fix at one of the country’s most popular spots, Cheeseburger Roundup. The chain has been serving up its signature sandwiches, hot off the grill and hand-tossed for over 50 years, ever since it was first opened as a newsstand-based business in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Bangerz (The US)

This is one of the newer fast food spots in the Bangerz series. After all, it was first opened in 1994 and since then it has become a kind of standard for American fast food. It’s also not one of the most expensive choices, so if you want to make a great first impression, this is a great spot to start.


So there it is! The best of times, and the best of times only! What’s been your favorite fast food meal of 2017? Let us know in the comments! And don’t be afraid to ask your fellow Diners,eaters, and Snacers what they thought of your choices!

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