Help Your Teenager Become Less Distracted While Driving 

Parents do not easily lend their vehicle to their teens, and with good reasons. While not all, most teenagers have the tendency to drive recklessly and disobey traffic laws. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), teens between 16 and 19 have a greater risk of car accidents. 

You would deserve compensation if another party injured your teenager during a car crash. As parents, there is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain. You should not let the liable party get away without recovering the damages. To know your legal options, speak to an attorney today to get legal advice

Tips to help your teenager become less distracted while driving

  • Set a good example. 

Children learn most of their behaviors by watching their parents. If you have ever used your smartphone while driving while your child was in the car, they will probably do the same. Your teen will mimic your driving habits when they get their hands on the wheel. Therefore, you must be careful about how you act around them. 

Besides using your phone, you should also refrain from overtaking, speeding, running red lights, etc. Not only are these actions dangerous for you, but your child as well. 

  • Help your teen create a pre-driving checklist. 

Creating a pre-drive checklist prevents various distractions during the drive. This includes putting on a music playlist, so they do not have to remove focus from the road to pick out a song, adjusting the mirrors, keeping their cell phone away, etc. By taking these simple steps, you can potentially save them from many distractions during the drive. 

Remember to teach your child the importance of being well-prepared before the drive. 

  • Set strict rules on driving. 

As parents, you must set some strict driving rules for your teenage child. For example, ask your child to avoid driving with their friends in the passenger seat. Your teen could get distracted while talking to their friends and get into a crash. They may also use their smartphones more, causing them to look away from the road. 

Another important road rule includes wearing a seat belt at all times, even when driving to the nearest grocery store. According to the CDC, seat belts reduce the risk of injury in an accident by 45%. Be very strict about drinking and driving. If you catch your child once, do not tolerate their excuses and take the car keys away from them immediately. 

Teenagers are often not easy to deal with, but that does not mean they should be allowed to do whatever they wish. It is important to teach them the basic road rules for their own safety.

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