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How to Get a Sponsor for School Fees

A letter from a potential school fee sponsor should be as persuasive as possible, stressing your accomplishments and why you need the sponsor’s help. Your letter should also describe how your studies will impact your life, including your hopes for the future. For example, you could tell how caring for siblings, or a parent’s illness, helped you overcome your limitations and get to college. By using creative writing methods, you can convey this information to your potential school fee sponsor.

Once you’ve found a sponsor, you should follow up with a letter in a few weeks. Your letter may have been lost in the mail, or was misplaced, so a reminder is appreciated. Inquire as often as possible to ensure you get the funding you need. Remember, your persistence will be rewarded once your sponsor sees your determination to finish school. Keep up the correspondence and invite your sponsor to your graduation ceremony.

Once you’ve identified your potential sponsor, you can contact them and request assistance. In addition to asking for assistance from the sponsor, you should also send a detailed profile of the girl you are sponsoring. Your sponsor will receive regular updates about the girl, and may even become involved in her life in some way. If you feel a connection with the scholar, consider asking for an annual update. Sponsorship will help you develop a better understanding of her needs and inspire you to make the most of it.

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