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How to Include Entertainment Examples in Sentences

If you want to learn how to include entertainment examples in sentences, you must first define what entertainment is. By definition, entertainment is a situation or activity designed for people to enjoy. While recreation generally implies more active involvement, entertainment is less involved. Activities that fall under this category include games, arts, sports, and strategy or video games. The following example sentences are meant to entertain and amuse you. You may want to consider including one of them in your next writing assignment.

A sentence is a group of words that are arranged to express a particular idea. It should also contain a verb, which is also called a predicate. It is an action or description of the subject. Without a subject, a sentence does not exist. A sentence containing the word “entertainment” would be a simple one. It includes a subject and a verb, and may also include an object.

The entertainment industry has a glamorous side, but it’s also very hard work. A person needs to be confident and self-assured to work in this industry. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu once remarked that “reading is inexpensive and long-lasting.” In a small town in Yugoslavia, the main street was lined with people gossiping, drinking, and walking. Eliot noted that “television is a medium that allows millions of people to hear the same joke at the same time.”

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