Kpop Entertainment Companies

The Korean entertainment industry has several different kinds of companies, from small groups to major companies. The most famous of these are SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. The first two types of companies focus on music and dance, while the latter focuses on business. The second type of company focuses more on technology, and focuses more on the technical aspects of business. SM Entertainment recently acquired various businesses, including a modeling agency and a sports agency, in order to improve its overall production value and expand its network.

The first stage of a Kpop career involves training. Many kpop groups start out as trainees. This is a temporary role, which means that they can quit the company at any time. The Ceo of a company will decide whether the trainee is ready to make their debut and will add them to the lineup. The lineup can change from time to time, depending on the group’s popularity. A trainee’s preparation process may include training by instructors, writers, composers, and choreographers.

Other kpop entertainment companies have seen their share of controversy in recent years. YG Entertainment, the company behind popular girl groups BLACKPINK, has faced controversy over its treatment of Seungri, the former member of Big Bang. The company has also seen some members of its lineup get fired after a relationship scandal. Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment has fired Hyuna and E’Dawn after discovering their relationship. Pledis Entertainment disbanded Pristin after a brief period of success, and SM Entertainment forced Jessica Jung out of the group.

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