Technique for making double eyelids

Double eyelid surgery or upper eyelid skin cosmetic surgery There are many techniques, which are called according to the incision that is used as the entrance of the thread that is used.

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Such as technique without incision scars Or what many people know as a suture method or some may call it a 3-point piercing (Buried Suture Technique Blepharoplasty). The truth is how many points are not important. because in the end there is often no trace left

This surgical technique is to make an appropriate long incision (Customized limited incision Blepharoplasty).

Minimal incision blepharo plasty technique

Each doctor will choose a method that is suitable for each patient. Most of them are associated with excess skin. Elderly people with a lot of excess skin, wounds are likely to last longer. young people If there is no skin problem, you can choose to do “eye surgery” without incision scars. or just a short scar

Many people may have heard of laser eye surgery Or with various tools, which are called just the name of the tool Because the truth is making eyes through scars. The part is short or long. Depending on the condition of the eyelid skin that needs to be corrected, it may be cut with a knife. or with a laser It depends on the reason and Specialization of each doctor

Make double eyelids without incision scars

Double eyelid surgery without incision scars It is not a new technique, but it has been around for as long as the incision technique. Currently there is a lot of detail. to get a good effect And more comfortable, suitable for young to middle-aged people. who doesn’t have too much sagging skin, drooping eyebrows, sagging eyelids

Principles and methods of surgery

In general, patients with single eyelids are different from those with double eyelids, that is, they do not have a membrane, so they attach from the levator aponeurosis to the skin (levator aponeurosis), or they are not clear. Causing when the eyes are opened, unable to be seen as the eyelids

Double eyelid technique without incision scars It is similar to other eyelid techniques in that it is re-used to stimulate the formation of a membrane between the area of ​​the skin that needs to be reconstructed and the eye opening muscle, mimicking the natural eyelid layer. But avoid the wound on the skin of the upper eyelid. In patients who already have the same eyelid Able to make a new eyelid that is higher without having to do anything with the existing eyelids It is a minor surgery, so it can be performed at the clinic. or according to standardized hospitals The sequence of surgical steps is as follows:

The doctor will measure and make a mark on the eyelids carefully so that the final results of both eyelids are as similar as possible. as far as possible Then inject anesthetic into the eyelid skin as a small point, about 0.3-0.5 cc per side, and then use a small needle. Pierce the skin into a point as small as a needle hole, about 1-2 millimeters in the marked location.

Then a small thread will be inserted. Most doctors will use non-dissolvable sutures through the wound to attach the skin. In the desired position to fold the layers, connect with some of the muscles that help open the eyelids when the eyes are open, tie a knot, cut the stitches and place the knot under the skin. After surgery The wound is therefore similar to a needle hole that has been pierced with blood. When eyes are closed, they will see 2-4 small dots on each side as small as the tip of a pin, but when opening their eyes, they will not. notice the wound Therefore, there is no need to cut the stitches and it takes about 30-60 minutes to perform.

tutoring practice after surgery

 Due to the double eyelid method, this method There is no need for any nervous system medication. Once done, most can go about their business as usual. There is no need to recuperate. As for the small whotimes wounds that the body repairs in 24 hours, the make-up can be removed as normal. and recommended cleaning the wound position with clean water and soap. Can return home immediately after surgery can eat according to normal without restrictions But there will be a feeling of tightness in the upper eyelids, which will disappear within 1 week.

Eyelid surgery by incision method as appropriate

principles and methods of surgery

 This method is done by making an incision. Use the length that is suitable for the shape of the eyelids together with the needs of the individual. Which will not be the same, but the doctor will try to limit the length of the wound as short as possible. In the past, it was popular to open the wound. until the end of the eye And if the incision is longer than the edge of the lateral eye socket, the scar will naturally be outside the crease. Makes it obvious that it is a problem that is difficult to solve later. proper way is to avoid long wounds more than necessary Therefore choosing to open the wound in a length that is suitable for the problems of those who enter undergoing surgery for each person (Customized limited incision) where the incision begins from the area near the eyes and about 1.5-2 cm starsfact longer along the desired crease line, which is equal to half of the eye length or slightly more

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