What Key Concepts Are Needed in a Pitch Deck for a Tech Startup?

A well-designed pitch deck must incorporate the key concepts a tech startup must have to attract investors. You should include the most relevant information, from the competition to future technologies, and show your audience why they should care about your business. Using graphics and live demos is a great way to engage an audience. The more personal your pitch deck is, the more likely it is to attract investors.

Identify a clear problem and a solution. While many investors may not be familiar with your industry, it is still important to highlight your unique and defining features. You should also include a slide about your competitive landscape. If you have a small market, you may not want to include this information. You should also highlight the differentiators that separate your business from your competitors. For example, TransferWise didn’t include a competitive analysis of its competitors.

Clear problem. A pitch deck needs to communicate the product and the solution without going overboard. Founders of effective decks do not rely on too much information, and instead tie the product’s functionality to the problem they’re highlighting. In addition, they use transition slides to make the narrative flow naturally. Using information that is relevant but does not overwhelm the audience is also essential.

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How many slides should a pitch deck have? The average pitch deck is no more than 10 slides and should be under 20 minutes long. The information in the pitch deck should be typed in a 30-point font. The first slide should be an elevator pitch, wherein the vision of the startup is summarized in a simple, logical sentence. Then, focus on the market opportunity, the target market, and the ideal customer. Include a slide about how your startup is going to make money. Potential investors want concrete proof of ROI.

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